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Edited & Published by M.K.Morodia, Distt. Secy. AIBSNLEA, Telecom District JAIPUR

e-mail mkmorodia@gmail.com

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December 16, 2011 12:47:32 AM
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02.12.2010:- <<<CHQ News>>> Strike deferred:- We extend our sincere gratitude & thanks to all Members for their excellent & dedicated participation in Three Days Strike Call & Making it's a grand success. After marathon discussions in meetings with BSNL Management & DOT Administration and on the written assurances; JAC unanimously decided to defer the three days Strike Call with immediate effect. All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/ Branch Secretaries are requested to bring normalcy in the organization. Click Here for Terms of Settlement and record of discussions
30.11.2010:- Meeting with management is over, no result. strike continue.
26-11-2010:- Executive Body of  AIBSNLEA JPTD Branch has nominated Shri Bhagwan Singh SDE(Sales)CM as Assistant District Secretary unanimously for smooth functioning of the Branch, in the EB meeting held today.

25-11-2010:-CHQ NEWS” AIBSNLEA served notice for Organizational Action Programmes commencing w.e.f. 9th December 2010.

Ø    DEMOSTRATION on 9th December 2010 at BSNL CO/Circle HQs/SSA HQs during lunch/closing hours.

Ø    MASS DHARNA (Two days) on 22nd and 23rd December 2010 at BSNL CO/Circle HQs/SSA HQs.

Ø     Further course of actions will be decided in the 3rd AIC at Kolkata.

All the CHQ office Bearers, Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to implement the organizational Action Programmes with full participation.

Click here for notice

23-11-2010:- Stay particulars of SDE (Telecom):- All the office bearers / members are requested to check own stay particulars and intimate to administration the error/omission if any. Click here for list

22-11-2010:- JAC MEETING :- ?CHQ NEWS?  GS,FS attended JAC meeting to discuss and decide to strategies for successful implementation of 3 days strike call w.e.f.01 Dec 2010 to 03 Dec 2010. After detailed discussions the following decisions were taken unanimously.

(1).The meeting reviewed about the Parliament March on 15th November 2010and congratulated all for making it a good success.

(2).The meeting decided to make all preparations for making the 3 days strike from 1st December 2010 a grand success.

(3).The 3days strike will continue from 06:00 AM on 1st December and will end at 06:00 AM on 4th December 2010.

(4).JAC at Circle/SSA levels should meet immediately and make preparations for joint campaign for success of the strike. They are advised to contact sister trade unions etc for getting support and solidarity. MPs, MLAs, political party leaders etc. be contacted for support and taking up the issue at government level. Press conference be conducted to give wide publicity to the strike and demand.

(5).Organise demonstration at all office/exchange premises on 29th November 2010 with massive participation.

 All the Circle/Branch Secretaries are requested to ensure successful implementation of JAC decisions. Click here for memorandum from JAC & Demands












Mass Dharna


28TH  OCTOMER, 2010



All the Office Bearers E. B. Members Secretaries are requested to make it a grand success.

27-10-2010:- AIBSNLEA's continuous & persistent efforts yielded results in getting released the letter regarding Encashment of Earned Leave while availing Leave Traveling Concession (LTC) for the staff of BSNL (absorbed, directly recruited and un-absorbed employees) without deducting the same from the maximum amount of Earned Leave en-cashable at the time for retirement. Click here for letter

12-10-2010:- A General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA, JPTD Branch, has been decided to be held on 15-10-2010 (Friday) at 18-00 Hrs. in Federation Hall, PGMTD Campus, Jaipur, to discuss the following agenda mainly.


1.  Discussion regarding 3rd all India Conference of AIBSNLEA

     proposed to be held at Kolkata from 30th December 2010 to 1st

     January 2011.

2.  Election of delegates to represent the branch in 3rd all India

     Conference of AIBSNLEA, Kolkata.

3.  Resolutions for 3rd all India Conference.


All the Office Bearers/Members are requested to kindly mobilise and attend the meeting in time to make it success. Click for Notice


National Convention of JAC


BSNL Non-Executive Unions and Executive Associations


JAIPUR on 7th October? 2010


All the Members / Office Bearers of JPTD Branch of AIBSNLEA are requested to attend the National Convention positively. Office Bearers of JPTD Branch are requested to ensure the participation of all the members  to make a grand success of National Convention. Click for venue & time

01-10-2010:- It is expected that IDA will increases to 4.7% (i.e. from 35.1% to 39.8% w.e.f 1.10.2010.)
03-09-2010:- Wrote a letter to the PGMTD Jaipur regarding early reliving of willing executives on transfer on promotion & considering request for transfer. Click for Letter
11-08-2010:- Wrote a letter to Com O.P.Jat, Circle Secretary Rajasthan for cancellation of transfer orders of all those comrades who have been relived after completion of held in abeyance period and other guanine ground. Click for Letter
04-08-2010:- Revision of IDA rate: DPE has issued orders for enhancing the IDA rate from 34.8% to 35.1.% w.e.f. 01.07.2010 in respect of the PSUs. Click here for order copy

20-07-2010:- Com. M. K. Morodia DS, along with Com. O.P.Jat CS and Com. Karan Singh CHQ Vice-President met PGMTD JP and discussed regarding pending issues raised vide letter dt. 19-02-2009. and implementation of revised structure of SSA which was to be implemented w.e.f. 01-04-2010.

PGMTD assured to look into the matter favorably.

Click for Letter

02-07-2010:- Congratulations! long awaited Promotion Orders from SDE(T) to STS have been issued by corporate office covering 1679 officer among which 59 officers belongs to Rajasthan Circle. List of promoted officers from Rajasthan







Massive Demonstration


14th JUNE, 2010




Mass Dharna


16th JUNE, 2010

All the Office Bearers E. B. Members Secretaries are requested to make it a grand success.

09-06-2010:- Since Shri M. K. Morodia D.S. is under going on training at Ghaziabad from 14-06-2010 to 26-06-2010, Shri Rakesh Purohit ADS will look after the charge of Distt. Secy.

15-05-2010:- General Body meeting took place on 14-05-2010 at 16:00 hrs. under the presidency of Com. J.R. Meena AM(E) in Conference Hall in a decent manner. Discussions were very fruitful and constructive towards the welfare of members and BSNL.


Highlights are as under:


  • Several Resolutions were taken for CEC going to be held at Kota on 22-05-2010.


  • Com.K.K.Barsar was elected as CEC Member unanimously. The post was vacant due to election of Com.S.Ojha in Circle Body.


  • Com. S.Ojha & Com.P.K.Khatri committee will prepare the justification for extending Broad Band plan Unlimited to the Executives' residential Connection at a rent of 250/- this proposal will be sent to CHQ through CEC.


  • It was also decided to hold meeting of SDOs under the banner of United Forum to review the problems after implementation of CDR System.

11-05-2010:- Venue of General Body Meeting going to be held on 14-05-2010, has been changed to "Conference Hall, PGMTD Campus, M.I.Road Jaipur"

07-05-2010:- Com. M. K. Morodia, DS and Com. R. S. Bhartiya, Vice- President met PGMTD JP and discussed regarding bill raised against 199 Scheme through CDR System on Service Residential Connection instead of deduction of 199 calls as was being done in DotSoft system.

PGMTD assured to look into the matter favorably.

Click for Letter

07-05-2010:- A General Body Meeting of AIBSNLEA, JPTD Branch, has been decided to be held on Saturday, 14-05-2010 (Friday) at 18-
00 Hrs. in Federation Hall, PGMTD Campus, Jaipur, to discuss the following agenda.

  1. To apprise the members about the Organisational activities at Branch / Circle/ CHQ level.

  2. To apprise the members about the decisions taken in the Executive Body Meeting held on 07-05-2010.

  3. Resolutions for the CEC going to be held on 22-05-2010 at Kota.

  4. Financial position of the branch.

  5. Any other point with the permission of chair.

All the members are requested to kindly attend the meeting in time to make it success. Click for Notice

06-05-2010:- An Executive Body meeting is proposed to be held on 07-05-2010, at 13:00 Hrs. in the Room of CO-LC, Gr. Floor, CTO. to discuss about CEC meet going to be held on 22-05-2010 at Kota. all the Office Bearers/EB Members and Circle/CHQ office bearers from JPTD Br. are requested to attend the meeting well in time.
28.04.2010:- CONGRATULATIONS !!! AIBSNLEA's consistent efforts yielded result in getting issued the promotion orders of 269 CAOs to DGM (Fin). Almost all the Executives on promotion have been posted in the same Circles except about 50 Executives who have been posted out of the Circle due to non-availability of vacant posts. Most of the promoted Executives have been posted as per the request of this Association. Click here for order  
28-04-2010:- Provisional seniority list in respect of STS regular executives of Telecom Finance working in BSNL as on 15.4.2010 issued. Click here for    Letter,   List

26.04.2010:- CHQ Leaders met CVO BSNL and discussed regarding transfer orders of SDEs/DEs issued based on CVC agreed list. They explain that the Officers transferred by Pers. Cell are at the verge of retirement and in most of the disciplinary cases, inquires have been completed and in some cases decisions are given. During last 5-6 years, these Officers were already transferred to the other circles/stations. Hence at this juncture, these transfers of SDEs/DEs in Telecom Engg. and Civil wing are not at all justified. We requested to review and update the agreed list. CVO mentioned that vigilance cell has advised Pers cell as well as BW cell to transfer Officers on post tenure basis on Vigilance angle against whom the Vigilance case are pending. 

The posting status of the Officers & their vigilance cases: Details may be sent to Vigilance Cell for consideration and accordingly the review can be made.

24.04.2010:- BSNL endorsed the DPE order of  Revised IDA rate- 34.8% w.e.f 01.4.2010. Click here for Order copy

20-04-2010:- << JAC News >> After the meeting of JAC leaders with Hon'ble Minister of Communications & IT an agreement reached and the Joint Action Committee has unanimously decided to call off the strike. The Record of Discussions of the meeting is attached. Click here to view.

In addition to the above discussions, on the issue of implementation of DPE OM dated 02-04-2009 for increase in the IDA fitment benefit from 68.8% to 78.2%, Hon'ble MoC&IT directed CMD BSNL to hold the meeting with the representatives of Executives and Non-Executives Associations and Unions to discuss the matter for its implementation. CMD assured to conduct the meeting in the next week.

Congratulations! and thanks to all the Comrades for their participation in making the Strike a complete success.

17-04-2010:- Congratulations! Our consistent efforts yielded cancellation of wrongly done 5 SDE's Rotational Transfer. Distt. Secy. JPTD had  Strongly  protested  the  issue  vide letter dated: 09-04-2010. Click  for Cancellation Letter
09-04-2010:- Wrote to Sh. O.P.JAT, Circle Secy. AIBSNLEA Raj. regarding Ignorance of Transfer Policy by Circle Office while issuing of Rotational Transfer Orders to accommodate Request Transfer. Click to View the letter
02-04-2010:- CONRATULATIONS !!!!! United Forum of BSNL Executives Association?s strong efforts at CHQ level & M.A. filed by AIBSNLEA at CAT, Jaipur yielded result in getting approval & released promotion from DE (Regular) to  DGM.  Click here for Order copy

31-03-2010:- Scheme and syllabus for LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T) notified - Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub-Divisional Engineer (Telecom) for vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08 under 33% quota. Click here for - Notification







FRIDAY, 26-03-2010

PGMTD Campus



FROM- 20TH APRIL, 2010



?       Settle ITS Absorption

?       No Disinvestment /No Privatization of BSNL

?       No Retrenchment /No VRS

?      No Unbundling of last mile copper wire / Other Infrastructure

?       No Outsourcing

?       Immediate Procurement of Mobile Lines

?       Ensure IDA Pension Revision to BSNL Retirees

All the JAIPUR TD Branch Office Bearers are requested to make it a grand success.

17-03-2010:- Com. M.K.Morodia, Distt.Secy; Com. O.P.Jat, Cir.Secy; Com. Karan Singh, CHQ Vice-President met PGMTD and handed over a letter to PGMTD regarding Dictatorship in working & crushing of human rights on the name of development. PGMTD assured to look into the matter favorably. Click for letter

16-03-2010:- ?Result of JAO Part-II?

JAO Part-II Internal Competitive Examination against 40% Quota in Rajasthan Circle declared on dated 16/03/2010.We congratulates the selected candidates. Click here for list

15-03-2010:- District Secretary, Com. O.P.Jat, Circle Secretary, Com.Karan Singh, CHQ Vice President  addressed the lunch hour Maas Demonstration at PGMTD, Jaipur Office organized by Joint Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non Executives? and Executives? and discussed in detail the recommendations of Sam.G.Pitroda Committee Report which will adversely affect the BSNL employees and very existence of BSNL. A large number of AIBSNLEA members participated in the Mass demonstration programme.







Lunch Hour Mass Demonstration


Monday, 15.03.2010


PGMTD Jaipur Campus.



The main issues of protest and demands are as under:



? 30% Disinvestment

? Retrenchment of ONE lakh Workers through VRS

? Unbundling of last mile copper wire

? Outsourcing



? Settlement of ITS Absorption

? 93 Million GSM Tender

? IDA Pension Revision


All the JAIPUR TD Branch Office Bearers are requested to make it a grand success.

12-02-2010:- Joint Forum of Unions / Associations of Non-Executives and Executives strongly protest the arbitrary recommendations of Shri Sam Pitroda Committee for BSNL revival and its implementation.

Joint Forum issues NOTICE to hold Lunch Hour "Mass Demonstration" on Monday 15-03-2010 at BSNL Corporate Office, Circle and SSA Headquarters. Click here for NOTICE

19-01-2010:- IDA  has  enhanced  from 25.3 % to 30.9 % w.e.f. 01-01-2010. Click here for order

Many-Many Heartiest Greetings on CHRISTMAS DAY.

24-12-2009:- Due to some personal reason I could not remain in touch with all of you: Firstly I Apologies for that -- M.K.Morodia.

I  congratulate  all  of  you  who has been upgraded in E-4 IDA Scale from 01-10-2009. remaining cases if any will be cleared soon.

23-10-2009:- BSNL PAT section endorsed DPE orders for increasing IDA rate by 6.8% (from 18.5% to 25.3%) w.e.f. 1/10/2009. Click here for order

22-10-2009:- IDA up-gradation from E-4 to E-5:- Pending IDA up-gradation order in the cadre of Divisional Engineer from E-4 to E-5 issued. Click here for order

22-10-2009:- DPE issued order for increasing IDA rate by 6.8% (from 18.5% to 25.3%) w.e.f. 1/10/2009. Click here for order

22-10-2009:-Scheme and syllabus for LDCE from JTO (T) to SDE (T) notified - Limited Departmental Competitive Examination for promotion to the grade of Sub- Divisional Engineer (Telecom) for vacancy years 2006-07 and 2007-08 under 33% quota. Click here for - Letter, Syllabus, Scheme & Application Form

20-10-2009:- CHQ News >>>> Regular promotion of adhoc STS executive?s (Telecom) - CONGRATULATION ! AIBSNLEA persistent efforts yielded result in getting released the order for regular promotion of 280 adhoc STS Executive?s (Telecom) to the STS equivalent grade in the IDA scale of RS.29100-54500 by BSNL CO on dated 14/10/2009. Order for regular promotion of six adhoc STS Executive?s in Rajasthan Circle issued. Click here for order


08-10-2009:- DPC for IDA upgradation of 64 officers (Engg.) has been Held on 07-10-2009. The DPC covers 52 Officers for IDA upgradation from E3 to E4 and 12 Officers for IDA upgradation from E2 to E3. IDA upgradation of 4 Officers is still pending due to various reasons. We hope the next DPC for remaining cases will be done with in a week period.  

DPC for IDA upgradation from E3 to E4 of 13 Officers (Accounts) is also under progress and hopping soon.

07-10-2009:- Awaited Local Officiating orders of 124 officers from SDE to STS have been issued by Circle office vide memo no. STA/8-11/GA/LO/2008/114 dt. 07-10-2009. Click for Order
01-10-2009:-  CHQ News >>> Congratulations ! AIBSNLEA consisting efforts yielded results in getting released the order regarding payment of 60% arrears of revised pay scales for BSNL Executives. GS contacted GM(Estt.), BSNL and discussed the matter. He confirmed that Competent Authority has approved the payment of 60% arrears of revised pay scales for BSNL Executives and order in this regard is issued Click Here for Order

24-09-2009:- AIBSNLEA persistent efforts yielded result in releasing the letter regarding Anomaly due to accrual of increment of junior earlier than the senior after fixation of pay in revised pay scale on implementation of 2nd PRC. The case was elaborately raised by Com. M.K.Morodia, Distt. Secy., Jaipur TD Branch, by developing "Pay Anomaly Calculator" Click Here for Letter  

14-09-2009:- 3rd Circle Conference of AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle held at Jodhpur on 12-13, September 2009. Twelve members of Jaipur TD Branch had participated in the conference i.e. Shri O.P. Jat CS, Shri M.K. Morodia DS & ACS, Shri M.L. Vijay OS-E, Mrs. Neeru Bhargava AFS, Shri R.L. Agarwal Auditor, Shri M.S. Shekhawat Distt.President, Shri Sanatan Ojha CEC Member, and 5 delegates Shri H.L. Awasthi, Shri Rakesh Purohit, Shri N.K. Kumawat, Shri K.K. Barsar & Shri L.N. Sharma.

Jodhpur Branch had organised the circle conference in a decent manner. Amongst our CHQ leaders Com. K. Satyanarayana CHQ President, Com. Prahlad Rai General Secretary, Com. Karan Singh CHQ Vice-President, Com. Devesh Kumar AGS HQ, Com. Rakesh Sethi Advisor CHQ. and Com. S.D. Arya Auditor CHQ attended the Conference. From Management side Shri Gopal Das Director HRD, Shri R.K. Mishra GM (Pers.), Shri G.K.Agarwal CGMT Rajasthan, Shri G.L. Meena GM (Fin) and Public Representative Shri Badri Ram Jakhad MP attended the open Session. Issues related with Viability of BSNL & Service matters were elaborately discussed in the conference.

It is proud for AIBSNLEA Jaipur TD Branch that following five members of branch has been given responsibility in Circle Body:

Name New Designation in Circle Body

Shri O.P. Jat

Circle Secretary

Shri M.K. Morodia

Asst. Circle Secretary (Engg.)

Mrs. Neeru Bhargava

Organising Secretary (Central)

Shri N.K. Kumawat

Asst. Financial Secretary

Shri Sanatan Ojha



08-09-2009:- BSNL Corporate Office issued orders

(i)  Grant of Perks and Allowances to the Executive Employees (including un-absorbed officers who are working in BSNL on deputation/deemed deputation) Click Here for Letter

(ii) Grant of Allowance to the Executive Employees (including un-absorbed officers who are working in BSNL on deputation/deemed deputation) on revised pay Click Here for Letter

(iii) Grant of Headquarter Allowance to the Executive Employees (including un-absorbed officers who are working in BSNL on deputation/deemed deputation) on revised pay Click Here for Letter

(iv) Grant of Training Allowance to the Executive Employees (including un-absorbed officers who are working in BSNL on deputation/deemed deputation) on revised pay Click Here for Letter

07-09-2009:- AIBSNLEA succeeded in getting released the clarifications from BSNL Corporate Office to stop the wrong recoveries of 66 SDEs of Raj. Telecom Circle regarding stepping of pay  Click Here for Letter
07-09-2009:- Letters written to PGMTD Jaipur & PGM Mobile for circulation of list of candidates who will participate in 3rd Circle Conference at Jodhpur. Click for Letter to 1.PGMTD Jaipur  2.PGM Mobile
APPEAL:- All the members are requested to CLEAR their dues before 10-09-2009 & deposit to near by Office Bearer. so that CHQ/Circle Quota can be cleared.

05-09-2009:- General Body Meeting held on 04-09-2009 at 18:00 hrs. Genl.Secy. Com. Prahlad Rai, also graced & addressed the meeting. Several issues were discussed in the meeting. Six Delegates were also elected for participation in the 3rd Circle Conference scheduled to be held on 12-13 Sept.2009 at "Sindhu Mahal" Jodhpur. Following members of Jaipur TD Branch will participate in 3rd Circle Conference.



Capacity in Circle Conf.



Shri O.P.Jat

Circle Secretary



Shri M.S.Shekhawat

Distt. President

CAO (Central)


Shri M.K.Morodia

Distt. Secy. & ACS-I, Raj. Circle



Shri M.L.Vijay

Org. Secy.-(E), Raj. Circle

D.E. (Central)


Mrs. Neeru Bhargava

Asst. Fin. Secy., Raj. Circle



Shri Bhagwan Singh

Editor, Rajasthan Circle

SDE (Mktg&Trk)


Shri R.L.Agarwal

Auditor, Rajasthan Circle

CO (CSC) M.I.Road


Shri Sanatan Ojha

CEC Member

SDE (FRS) M.I.Road


Shri H.L.Awasthi

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf



Shri N.K.Kumawat

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf



Shri K.K.Barsar

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf



Shri L.N.Sharma

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf

AO (S/L)


Shri S.S. Rawat

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf



Shri Rakesh Purohit

Elected Delegate for Cir.Conf


31-08-2009:-  A General Body meeting has been proposed to be held on 04-09-2009 in P&T Federation Hall at 17:00 hrs. to Elect Delegates for 3rd Circle Conference which is going to be held on 12-13 September 2009 at Jodhpur. Detailed Agenda has been attached with link ---> Click for Notice.
29-08-2009:-  A farewell party was organised today on 29-08-2009 to felicitate the retired Comrades Sh. M.L.Pareek CAO(TA), Sh. S.N.Yadav    DE(GSM),   Sh. B.N.Saxena AGM(Legal), Sh. J.D.Julaha SDE (Mktg.) at Hotel Diana Palace. Pl see Glimpses for photo album.


14-08-2009:-  Executive Body meeting of Jaipur Telecom District Branch held at 17:30 hrs on 13-08-2009, in the Chamber of Sh M.K.Morodia to discuss farewell party to 7 retired Comrades (Sh. M.L.Pareek CAO(TA), Sh. Girdhari Lal   S.D.E.(Staff),    Sh. S.N.Yadav    DE(GSM),     Sh. S.D.Sharma DE(DGP),     Sh. B.N.Saxena AGM(Legal), Sh. J.D.Julaha SDE (Mktg.) and Sh. H.S. Meena SDE(GSM) ) and to discuss about the 3rd Circle Conference going to be held on 12-13, Sept 2009 at Jodhpur.

Farewell party will be organised at Hotel Diana Palace on 29-08-2009 at 18:00 hrs. & contribution of Rs 200/- each has been decided to meet out the expenditure. Click for Notification

A General Body meeting has also been proposed to be held on 04-09-2009 by the Executive Body to discuss about Circle Conference.

01-08-2009:- Restoration of seniority of 1966 officer's! The seniority of 49 (Forty nine) Group "B" officer's of Rajasthan Circle has been restored and place in old seniority list No. 4 & 5 issued vide DOT No.15-32/2000-II dated 26.03.2001 & DOT No.15-32/2000-II dated 28.03.2001. Any errors and omissions may be brought to the notice of concern office latest by 17.08.2009 positively. Click here for letter & List

03-08-2009:- Wrote to PGMTD regarding non settlement of long pending grievances raised time to time by our branch. Click for letter
31-07-2009:- Wrote to PGMTD regarding early holding of Screening committee for IInd IDA Upgradation at an earliest so that affected Executives can be benefited well in time. Click for letter
31-07-2009:- Circle office has circulated the list of SDE (T)  for consideration in local officiating promotion from SDE(T) to STS. The list has been prepared as per direction of BSNL Corporate Office  according to 1966 seniority restoration. Click for List

29-07-2009:- After untiring efforts made by us Circle office has Re-Constituted Screening committee for implementation of Time bound IDA Scale Upgradation for Ist / IInd IDA Upgradation cases due up to 01-10-2009. vide memo no. STA/8-11/GA/PP/Genl/54 dt. 29-07-2009. We are trying to hold DPC at an earliest for Jaipur SSA. Click for Letter

29-07-2009:- Com. M.L.Pareek, our beloved Circle President, is retiring on superannuation on 31-07-2009, after a glorious era of excellent services to BSNL and  AIBSNLEA. As an Associationist he always remained as a legend. Every member of Jaipur Telecom District AIBSNLEA is requested to attend his official farewell in Federation Hall PGMTD Jaipur on 31-07-2009.
17-07-2009:- Board level posts and below Board level posts including non-unionised supervisors in Central Public Sector enterprises - Regarding payment of IDA at the revised rates for employees who are drawing their pay in revised IDA scales w.e.f. 01.01.2007 Click Here for Letter

14-07-2009:- ?CHQ NEWS? Congratulations ! AIBSNLEA's persistent efforts yielded results in getting released the Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Service (Group 'A' RRs). The finalization of Group 'A' RRs will pave the way for regular promotions to fill up vacant Group 'A' level posts of STS/JAG/SAG/HAG & Executive Director level Executives in BSNL.  Though the   Recruitment Rules are not to our full satisfaction i.e. the date of implementation of Group 'A' RRs has been decided w.e.f. 11.06.2009 instead of 01.10.2000 as was in case of Executive Promotion Policy & some other issues. We are to pursue for removal of the deficiencies of Group 'A' RRs after complete analysis. Click Here for =>> RRs1 &  RRs2 

09-06-2009:- Our Continuous persuasions resulted to release the pending orders of IDA Upgradation of 12 JTO-(T) from E1 to E2 (9850-250-14600 to 11875-300-17275) and 18 SDE(T) from E2 to E3 (11875-300-17275 to 13000-350-18250) Vide Memo No. STA/IDA Upgradation/2008/JP/24 dt. 08-06-2009
04-06-2009:- Most awaited posting orders on promotion from JTOs (Telecom) to SDEs (Telecom) has been released by CO vide memo no. STA/8-5/GB/Promotion/2008-09/6 dt. 04-06-2009. Our Continuous persuasions resulted that most of the officers have been accommodated at the same station. Click for orders



       AIBSNLEA is celebrating its 6th Foundation Day on 1st May 2009. AIBSNLEA, Very -Very warm greetings to all the Members and well wishers on the occasion.


23-04-2009:- Our continuous persuasion yielded release of local officiating orders from TTA to JTO well in time. Vide STA/8-21/TTA TO JTO(off.)/Ch-3/2007/70 dt. 23-04-2009. Click here for List.

02.04.2009:- DPE issued order for Revision of scales of pay w.e.f  01.01.2007 for Board level and below Board level executives and Non Unionised Supervisors in the Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs)- Report of the Committee of Ministers thereon  Click Here for Letter

01-04-2009:- DS along with Sh. O.P.Jat (CS), Sh. Bhagwan Singh (Circle Auditor),  Sh. S.Ojha (CEC Member), and Sh. S.S. Rajpoot (DS, SNEA), Sh. A.K.Jain (Circle Vice President, SNEA) met with PGMTD under the banner of UNITED FORUM for stopping huge relieving (held in abeyance cases) of SDEs/JTOs from Jaipur TD. PGMTD agreed that this will affect adversely on SSA services/development but due to tremendous pressure from Circle he is unable to retain these officers. Now the matter will be discussed at Circle Level under the banner of UNITED FORUM on 02-04-2009.

Dear comrades, please be ready to face any situation as the matter is directly related with viability of BSNL Jaipur. Click Here for Letter

01.04.2009:- CHQ NEWS AIBSNLEA succeeded in getting released the Clarifications regarding Revision pf scales of pay of Board Level and below Board Level Executives of BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 - Click Here for Letter

21-03-2009:- Awaited Posting orders issued for Gr "B" to STS local officiating. as per ST-3/5/STS/08-09/71 dt. 21-03-09. Click for Orders
18-03-2009:- DS & CS Shri O.P.JAT Met with PGMTD to discuss  regarding consideration of requests transfers and posting of officers at nearby locations to the residence on officiating promotion to STS. Also requested that experience/interest of officer should also be taken into account while posting them. The matter was also apprised in writing. PGMTD assured to look into the matter. Click for Letter
16.03.2009:- Joint Forum after having detailed discussions in the Marathon Meetings on 13th & 16th March'2009 with CMD, BSNL & on releasing the Minutes / Revised Minutes of the meeting held on 16th March'2009, Joint Forum unanimously decided to defer the ongoing Agitation Programme i.e. Dharna / Strike on 17th & 25th March'2009. We convey our sincere thanks to all the struggling members for their heartly response given for making the Agitation Programme a complete success. Click here for Minutes, Revised Minutes
09-03-2009:- HOLI-MILANAs a tradition our Branch celebrates 'HOLI-MILAN' every year. It has been decided that  'HOLI-MILAN' for this year will be celebrated on 16.03.2009 at 17:30 hrs. in Federation Hall, O/o PGMTD Campus.

CGM/Higher officers may grace the occasion therefore every member is requested to attend the function to make it a grand success. Office Bearers/EB Members are requested to give it a wide publicity. Click Notice

09-03-2009:- Our Continuous persuasions resulted release of most awaited local officiating orders of 109 officers from TES Gr. "B" to STS vide Circle Office memo no. STA/8-11/GA/LO/2008/67 dt. 09-03-2009. all the officers from Jaipur TD has been accommodated in Jaipur TD  Click for orders


05.03.2009:-CONGRATULATIONS !!!Finally our persistent efforts yielded the result in getting approved the New IDA Pay Scales implementation order by CMD, BSNL.  We earnestly appeal all Executives to concentrate sincerely for the growth of BSNL & to make BSNL again No. One Company.

02.03.2009:- SDE to DE Local officiating It is reliable learnt that Vigilance clearance for SDE to DE officiating received at Circle office & further work in process .The issuing of local officiating order expected shortly.

27-02-2009:- CONGRATULATIONSAIBSNLEA untiring & consisting efforts yielded result  in getting released the Presidential Directive from DoT for implementation of New IDA Pay Scale notified by DPE & approved by BSNL Board. GS, President, AFS today met concern officers of DoT i.e. Director (TPF), DDG(TPF), Director (PSU) & Jt. Secretary (Telecom), DoT for issuance of Presidential Directive. We requested all the officers to issue the Presidential Directive today itself since date of implementation of New IDA Pay scale will be from the date of issuance of Presidential Directive. JST immediately intervene in the matter & got cleared the file for releasing the order. Finally Director (PSU) promptly took action & issued Presidential Directive.

We are extremely thankful to the officers in DoT & Hon'ble MOC&IT for issuance of Presidential Directive in due time.

Let us perform our best to make BSNL again No. 1 Company. Click Here for Letter     !!!!!! Arear Calculator !!!!!!

25.02.2009:-CONGRATULATIONSGS contacted Secretary Telecom Office regarding receipt of Hon'ble MOC&IT approval on New IDA Pay Scales implementation of BSNL Executives. It is confirmed that the approval of Hon'ble MOC&IT has been received in DoT. The issuance of Presidential Directive from DoT is expected shortly.

25-02-2009:- Our Continuous persuasions resulted to release the following orders of IDA Upgradation of Sixteen Executives (SDE-T/PS) from E2-E3 from 11875-300-17275 to 13000-350-18250 vide Memo No. STA/IDA Upgradation/2008/JP/11 dt. 25-09-2008
25-02-2009:- Our Continuous persuasions resulted to release the following orders of IDA Upgradation of Sixteen Executives (JTO-T) from E1-E2 from 9850-250-14600 to 11875-300-17275 vide Memo No. STA/IDA Upgradation/2008/JP/10 dt. 25-09-2008

24.02.2009:- CHQ News >>> Implementation of revised IDA pay scales : It is reliably learnt that Hon'ble MoC&IT approved the revised IDA pay scales of BSNL Executives recommended by BSNL Board and DoT. It is expected that approval will be received in DoT tomorrow and the Presidential Directives will be issued shortly by DoT.

20-02-2009:- ACTIVE TRADE UNION ACTION PROGRAM a meeting of representatives of JOINT FORUM held today. It is decided that all the members should bear BLACK BADGES right from being up on duty on 24-02-2009. The BLACK BADGES will be available with Com. C.L.Verma AFS (Mob.9413395037) and every Org. Secy. can collect them for further distribution in their Org. Area. at Lunch Hrs. there will be Demonstration in Circle Office Campus.

All the Office Bearers/EB Members will mobilise the call. All the Executives should mobilise their subordinate staff also.

Comrades it is the matter of our survival so every member is requested to wear BLACK BADGES whole the duty hrs. and ensure his/her presence in demonstration.                             TRUST YOUR POWER, WINNING IS YOURS !!!!!!!!

20-02-2009:- Wrote a letter to PGMTD Jaipur regarding our most of grievances to be solved at SSA level. Though most of issues have been included in the letter but if any issue is left, that will be pursued through next letter.

19.02.2009:- CHQ News >>> BSNL issued letter for Constitution of a Committee on framing of Rules & Regulations governing conduct of Membership verification of Executives Employees in BSNL Click Here for Letter

19-02-2009:- CHQ News >>> Implementation of New IDA Pay-Scales:- GS contacted to Secretary Telecom Office regarding Clearance of New IDA Pay-Scales. It is informed that Secretary Telecom has cleared the case today morning & immediately sent to Hon'ble MOC & IT for approval. We may now expect approval from Hon'ble MOC&IT tomorrow.

13-02-2009:- CS Com. O.P.Jat, President Com. M.L.Pareek & DS JPTD Com. M.K.Morodia met CGMT Raj. & GM (Admin.)  Circle Office and Discussed several issues including IDA Upgradation Cases and Local Officiating orders pending at Circle Office. We also suggested that all held in abeyance transfer orders should be cancelled and vacancies should be filled up by new JTO batch and incoming DPC for SDEs.

12-02-2009:-  CHQ News >>> Joint Forum Meeting: The Joint Forum of BSNL Non-Executives and Executives Unions & Associations representatives meeting held and discussed the issues adversely affecting the viability of BSNL mainly delay in absorption of ITS officers in BSNL and increase in FDI in Indian Telecom sector etc. Joint Forum unanimously resolved to impress upon for immediate absorption of ITS officers in BSNL and to serve notice of Active Trade Union Action programs as under:-

  • PROTEST DAY by wearing BLACK BADGES and holding Lunch / Closing Hours DEMONSTRATION on 24-02-2009 at BSNL CO/ CIRCLE/SSA level.

  • MASS DHARNA on 17-03-2009 at BSNL CO/ CIRCLE/SSA level.

  • ONE DAY STRIKE on 25-03-2009 at at BSNL CO/ CIRCLE/SSA level.

Even after this the ITS officers absorption process in BSNL not completed, Joint Forum will go for INDEFINITE STRIKE.

All the Branch office bearers are requested to keep organisationally ready to implement the Joint Forum agitation program complete success.

12-02-2008:- IDA Upgradation cases are  in final shape at Circle Office. Hopefully the orders will be issued by Tomorrow (13-02-2009). Local Officiating from Gr.'B' to STS are also on progress (awaiting CO Vigilance Clearance) and hopping orders soon.

12.02.2009:-  CHQ News >>> Congratulations ! as assured by CMD & Director (HRD) BSNL the Management Committee of BSNL Board approved the Group 'A' RRs in BSNL & allow to create TES Group 'B' posts on super-numeric basis to avoid reversion of 1966 SDEs (Telecom). It will pave the way to regularize the adhoc STS Level Executives in BSNL & immediate fill up of the vacant JAG level posts amongst them. The DPC from TES Group 'B' to DE will also be expedited due to settlement of 1966 SDEs reversion case. It is the outcome of the Hon'ble Delhi High Court judgment filed by AIBSNLEA. 

11-02-2009:- wrote a letter to PGMTD requesting for making efforts for cancellation of all transfer orders of executives of Telecom District Jaipur under held in abeyance. Letter
04-02-2009:-  BSNL Corporate Office circulated list of working STS Officers as on 31.01.2009 Click Here for Letter & List 

Please intimate any discrepancy, if any, as an earlier so that it can be sent to CHQ on or before 10.02.2009 positively.

04-02-2009:- As a result of our consistent efforts Screening for all left over IDA Upgradation cases has been done on 04-02-2009. orders of both DPCs are expected within a week.
04-02-2009:- Thanks to every comrade of AIBSNLEA Jaipur TD Branch who could make a contribution in shape of  active participation for making a tremendous pressure on BSNL administration which yielded a result of written assurance about 30% fitment. 
04-02-2009:- GS, AIBSNLEA & GS, SNEA (I) writes to  Shri Gopal Das, Director (HRD), BSNL for Deferment of Program of organizational actions  vide letter no. No. UF/NOTICE/HRD/2009   dated at ND, the 04-02-2009 Click Here for Letter
04-02-2009:- United    Forum   of    BSNL   Executives'    Associations    deferred     the Organisational Action Program in view of the written assurances given by BSNL Management after having discussed the matter with Member (Finance). The Detail of the discussions will be informed shortly. We express our sincere gratitude to all the struggling members for making the Organisational Action Programs in great success.  Click Here for written assurances letter
03.02.2009:- JOINT FORUM of BSNL Unions / Associations of Non-Executives & Executives supports the Agitation of UNITED FORUM  against non-implementation of PRC report for Executives. Letter from Shri VAN Namboodiri, Convener, JF

02-02-2009:- Thanks to all the members for making today's demonstration a grand success. We are sure to see the same sprit on 3rd & 4th Feb2009.

 At evening a delegation in leadership of Com. O.P.Jat, met to Director HRD camp at Jaipur, submitted a memorandum and discussed most of burning issues. Click for Memorandum

31-01-2009:- Office Bearers of United Forum of BSNL Executives Association, Rajasthan Circle stationed at Jaipur met on 31-01-2009 at Jaipur for making strategy to implement the Organisational action program given by United Forum, CHQ New Delhi. Com.  Prahlad Rai, G.S., AIBSNLEA also graced the meeting.

All the office Bearers of United Forum were of the opinion that every Executive must actively participate in the Organisational action program.

Therefore, I appeal that, all the Organising Secretaries may please mobilise the under mentioned program among members concerned to their Org. Area and other Office Bearers may please have a close watch & review over the situation. Please remember the slogan "Now and Never".


(A)        Lunch Hour Demonstration on 2nd, 3rd & 4th Feb 2009.

(B)        Full day Dharna on 5th & 6th Feb 2009

30.01.2009:- CHQ Call >>> PLEASE GIVE IT A WIDE MOBILISATION & PARTICIPATE WITH NO FAILURE - M.K.MORODIA - >>> United Forum of BSNL Executives' Associations served Notice for protest actions w.e.f. 2nd Feb to 6th Feb., 09 against deliberate and calculated attempt on the part of the BSNL Management to withhold issuing of orders relating to implementation of new IDA pay scales along with fixation and payment of allowances in accordance with the decisions of DPE, Govt. of India. The following country wide protest actions are to be implemented.

(A)   Lunch/Closing hour demonstrations at Corporate Office /CGM/SSA level on 2nd,  3rd and 4th Feb.,09.

(B)    Full day Dharna at Corporate Office/CGM/SSA level on 5th and 6th Feb., 09.

In case necessary orders are not issued by 6th Feb.,09, the protest actions would be further intensified by resorting to other programs of organizational actions. All the  Office Bearers / EB Members of Jaipur TD Branch are requested to mobilize for making the Organisational Action Program a complete Success. Click Here for Programme

30.01.2009 : Congratulations ! AIBSNLEA consistent efforts yielded the result in getting released the AAO to AO IDA Pay Fixation order Click Here for Order 
28.01.2009:- CHQ News >>> BSNL issued letter for Implementation of 6th Pay Commission Recommendation - Payment of Pension and Leave Salary Contribution Click Here for Letter & Enclosure
27-01-2009:- Souvenir of 2nd AIC at Jaipur is readily available. comrades who has collected advertisements for the Souvenir may please collect and distribute it among advertising firms.

OBITUARY:- Com. M. L. Pareek, Circle President  has lost his mother, TEYA-KI-BAITHAK will be held on 25-01-2009 at 15.00 to 16.00 at his native village DHOLA (via Achrol). We all the members of Jaipur TD Branch pray to the GOD that the departed soul may rest in the Peace.

23-01-2009:- CO Vigilance clearance is now ready which was awaited for IDA Upg. DPC. assumed that it will be received by 24-01-2009. Now the way for our IDA Upg. is clear & we will get results soon.
20-01-2009:- As a result of our continuous pursuance, next IDA Upgradation DPC is about to be held shortly for all leftover cases, DPC date will be announced shortly. Circle Vigilance clearance for previous IDA Upgradation DPC is also supposed to be received within 1-2 days. 

Most of Gr. "B" to STS officiating cases have been finalised, remaining cases will be finalised within 1-2 days. Hence we can hope that pending issue is over shortly.

17-01-2009:- Wrote first reminder to PGMTD regarding early sending special report and vigilance clearance to Circle Office for Local officiating promotion from SDE(T) to STS of ITS Group-A. Click for letter
All the members are requested to deposit their all dues to  FS/AFS/concerned Org. Secy. and make us strong so that your branch can fight more and more for you. REMEMBER IF ASSOCIATION IS STRONG YOU ARE SAFE !!!!.WE SHOULD BE CAREFUL TO OUR RIGHTS, BUT WE SHOULD NOT FORGET OUR DUTIES TOO !!!!
15-01-2009:- All the comrades whose confirmation is still pending are requested to inform DS, they may also request the Admin. cell for confirmation. Such cases will be taken up with the admin cell.

13-01-2009:-Com. O.P.Jat (CS Raj), Com. M.K.Morodia (DS JPTD) and Com. N.L.Sharma (DS CO) met GM (Admin.) CO and discussed various issues including delay in issuing of orders for IDA Upgradation cases sent to CO from Jaipur SSA, there was some confusion in DPC Process between CO and JPTD Admn. which has been  resolved and hopping orders soon.

Com. O.P.Jat (CS Raj) and Com. M.K.Morodia (DS JPTD) Also met with GM(O) JPTD and discussed IDA Upg./officiating to STS issues. Mounted pressure on  concerned AMs/DGMs to send Spl. Report/Grading etc. urgently. Next Screening for IDA Upg. Will be done soon covering all the required formalities. Most of reports for above cases have been received in Admin wing. We are maintaining pressure for remaining cases. Next IDA Upg. Screening may cover 26 E2 to E3 and 17 E1 to E2 cases.

08-01-2009:-  BSNL Board approved pay revision with 30% & will send to DoT. Approval of DoT may get in next week.
07-01-2009:- A farewell party was organised JPTD Branch on transfer of  Sh. P.C.Mahiraniya GM(F). at Hotel Diana Palace. Shri P.K.Agarwal PGMTD JP and Shri N.K.Singh GM(O) also graced the occasion.
06-01-2009:- CONGRATULATIONS !!!! United Forum of BSNL / MTNL Executive Associations succeeded in getting released order regarding Pension Liability of BSNL towards pensionary  benefit including family pension to its employees. Click Here for Letter
04-01-2009:- One Emergent Executive Body Meeting is proposed to be held on 05-01-2009, in Com. O.P. JAT's chamber at sharp 13:00 Hrs. to discuss some urgent issues. all the Office bearers and EB members are requested to attend it well in time.

03-01-2009:-As all of you know that one DPC for left over cases of IDA upgradation has already been held on 27-12-2008 as a result of new Distt. Body efforts & pressure on Admn.

41 cases were pending for E2 to E3 upgradation, DPC held for 18 executives, our 14 members were included in DPC e.i. Sh. BHAGWAN SINGH,  Sh.C.L. VERMA, Sh.CHANDRA BIHARI, Sh.J.D.JULAHA, Sh.K.K.MATHUR, Sh.K.L.BAIRWA, Sh.K.R.VERMA, Sh.N.K.KUMAWAT, Sh.R.C.SAMARIA, Sh.R.S.BAIRWA, Sh.S.K.MADAN, Sh.SANATAN OJHA, Sh.SHAKEEL AHMED and Sh.SITA RAM SHARMA. Our 8 members i.e. Sh.B.N.SAXENA, Sh.D.P.GUPTA, Sh.G.K.AGARWAL, Sh.K.M.RAIGAR,  Sh.RAM SAHAI, Sh.S.D.SHARMA, Sh.U.S.MATHUR and Sh. VISHRAM SINGH are still awaiting DPC.

45 cases were pending for E1 to E2 upgradation, DPC held for 17 executives, our 2 members were included in DPC e.i. Sh. D.Taneja and Sh. Narain Dass. Our 5 members i.e. Sh.Harish Chandra, Sh.R.K.Morya, Sh.S.K.Agarwal, Mrs.Shashi Bala and Sh. Suneel Kumar Saxena are still awaiting DPC.

we are making continuous efforts for holding next DPC at an earliest for remaining Members.
02-01-2009:- Wrote a letter to PGMTD regarding early sending special report and vigilance clearance to Circle Office for Local officiating promotion from SDE(T) to STS of ITS Group-A. Click for letter
All the members of AIBSNLEA Jaipur TD are requested kindly clear your all dues as early as possible to run the branch in a descent manner. dues can be deposited to concerned Org. Secy. dues can be checked by clicking 'List of Members' link at left column.
AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle has published a very decent & attractive calendar card for year 2009. All the Org. Secretaries  are requested to collect these cards from Distt. Secy. for further distribution among members.

Happy New Year - 2009