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19.08.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The Gen.Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Suresh Chandra Gupta, AGM, Jaipur-CO, HR No. 198406908, regarding posting at BSNL CO.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The GM(HR/A) Raj., Regarding: Consideration of mutual own cost transfer in JTO Cadre:, regarding request of Sh. Megha Ram Chaudhary from Sirohi to Barmer and Sh. Vijay Prakash from Barmer to Sirohi.

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17.08.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Babu Lal Yadav, SDE, Ajmer-TD, HR No. 198501390, regarding cancellation of his transfer to Jaisalmer SSA or change posting station to Pali/Jaipur/Bhilwara.

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  • The Gen.Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Rajendra Prasad, AO, Jaipur-TD, HR No. 198312460, regarding cancellation of his transfer to J&K. Ground: compelling family circumstances.

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05.08.2017: DPE issued order: regarding decision on allowances other than the allowances under 'Cafeteria approach' w.r.t. Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non- Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01-01-2017....

 >>> Click here for letter.

05.08.2017: Implementation of 3rd PRC recommendations in BSNL:- Process in this regard....

DPE has issued OM W-02/0028/2017-DPE (WC)-GL-XIII/17 dated 3rd August, 2017 regarding Pay Revision of Board Level and below Board Level executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01-01-2017.

As per the presentation submitted by AIBSNLEA CHQ and consistent efforts taken with the Hon'ble MOC, Secretary Telecom, Secretary DPE, and CMD BSNL for the dispersion  in the affordability clause for BSNL and extension of 3rd PRC to BSNL Employees has now been reflected in DPE OM dated 03-08-2017.

In this regard, AIBSNLEA CHQ has written so many letters to Hon'ble MOC/Secretary DOT/DPE/CMD BSNL and met them personally stating that as per the Para 5 of the 3 PRC committee recommendations as per the Telecom Policy 1999, BSNL has been formed to meet out the specific agenda of Government of India. i.e. providing Telecom Services without any budgetary support and BSNL is paying License Fee, Spectrum charges, and other charges as per the order of the Government of India from time to time deviating to the agreed principles on 01-10-2000.

A letter written by GS CHQ to Hon'ble MOC Shri Manoj Sinha Ji on 08-06-2017 has been furnished for the reference of our members. The DPE OM dated 03-08-2017 vide Annexure-II Para II of Page No.19 which is reproduced below.

 >>> Click here for GS AIBSNLEA Letter.

Affordability to certain types of CPSEs:

  • The affordability condition shall also be applicable to the CPSEs registered under Section 25 of the Companies Act, 1956, or under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 (which by the very nature of their business are not-for profit companies) for implementation of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) as being recommended for other CPSEs.

  • There are also certain CPSEs which have been formed as independent Government companies under a statute to perform a specific agenda / regulatory functions. The revenue stream of such CPSEs are not linked to profits from the open market in a competitive scenario but are governed through the fees & charges, as prescribed and amended from time to time by the Government. There is no budgetary support provided by the Government to such CPSEs. In consideration that the impact of the revised compensation structure (including Performance Related Pay) would supposedly form the part of revenue stream for such CPSEs, the affordability condition shall not be applicable to these CPSEs; however the implementation of same shall be subject to the approval of Administrative Ministry upon agreeing and ensuring to incorporate the impact of the revised compensation structure into the revenue stream.

On the basis of the above recommendations now BSNL Board has to recommend implementation of 3rd PRC report with 15% fitment benefit in BSNL and thereafter it has to be sent to DoT for the approval and issuance of the Presidential Directives. We have to impress upon BSNL Management in this regard for an early Board approval and sending to DoT thereafter we have to pursue in DoT for the approval of BSNL Board proposal and early issuance of presidential directives.  

Comrades, as assured by CMD BSNL, the 3rd PRC recommendations has to be approved by BSNL Board for its implementation in BSNL and thereafter to get the approval of DoT for issuance of Presidential Directives. We are confident that CMD BSNL will fulfill his commitment in this regard. Let us,  concentrate on this issue and pursue vigorously for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL.

04.08.2017: Office Memorandum for implementation of Pay revision in CPSEs.

Department of Public Enterprises issues Office Memorandum for Pay Revision of Board level and below Board level Executives and Non-Unionised Supervisors of Central Public Sector Enterprises (CPSEs) w.e.f. 01.01.2017.

 >>> Click here for the OM

03.08.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The Sr.GM(F) Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Pramod Kumar Sharma, AO-LA, Jhunjhunu-TD, regarding cancellation of his transfer to Alwar SSA.

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28.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The Gen.Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Kamlesh Kumar Jain, AO, Jaipur-CO, Staff No. 182164, regarding cancellation of his transfer to J&K. Ground: prevailing family circumstances.

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26.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Hari Om Gupta, AGM, Jaipur-CO, HR No. 198503527, regarding cancellation of his transfer to Pali SSA.

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24.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Resolutions/Grievances raised during 6th Circle Conference at Jodhpur.

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24.07.2017: Implementation Decision taken in 6th Circle Conference: During internal session of 6th Circle Conference at Jodhpur it was unanimously decided that membership of Branches Stationed at Jaipur now onward shall strictly be based on the DDO wise (where the Subscription of member is deducted). Thereby branches stationed at Jaipur have been reorganised.

 >>> Click Here for Letter

22.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The GM(HR/A) Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Rajhans Sharma, DE, Udaipur-TD, HR No. 198401878, regarding extension of immunity in future transfer as Distt. Secy. Udaipur TD Branch.

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21.07.2017: Meeting with Shri R.C.Arya CGMT Raj: Circle Secy., Com.M.K.Morodia; Circle President, Com.Anil Rawat and Adv.(N), Com. Karan Singh met Shri R.C.Arya CGMT Rajasthan today on 21.07.2017.

The Discussion was focused on some long pending issues the response of Shri R.C.Arya was totally favorable. He also appreciated the arrangements of Circle Conference.

21.07.2017: CHQ News: AIBSNLEA efforts for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL: AIBSNLEA CHQ have been making its best efforts in DoT / Ministry/ DPE to conveyance the concern authorities for the implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL Accordingly the facts are being informed to all concern through our CHQ Website. As rightly reported by AIBSNLEA in the morning of 20.7.2017 in our CHQ Website the actual status and process of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs / BSNL was later on confirmed by Shri Niteswar Kumar ji (IAS) PS to Hon'ble MOSC in the meeting held with AIBSNLEA on 20.7.2017( Evening). Hence , AIBSNLEA is correctly informing all the developments on day to day   basis to our members through our CHQ web site and doing hard work to ensure 3rd PRC Implementation in BSNL. But the so called Majority Association instead of informing the actual status and truth is creating hype in the minds of the Executives for which the reasons are best known to them.

The actual process of 3rd PRC implementation is that after the notification of 3rd PRC implementation in PSUs for the Pay hike of Executives the respective PSUs will take decision in their Board and will send the proposal to the Administrative Ministry for the issuance of the Presidential Directive. Similarly after DPE notification of 3rd PRC recommendations, BSNL Board will take the decision and will send to DOT for approval and for issuance of Presidential Directives. Now in the DPE notification it has to be seen that whether the Administrative Ministry/Board of the PSUs have been empowered by the Cabinet to allow dispension of the "Affordability Clause" of 3rd PRC report. In case Board/Administrative Ministry is empowered then BSNL Board and DOT Administration should implement the 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of its Viability otherwise, we have to fight organisationally.

Today GS contacted the concerned Officers of DPE with regard to the Notification of 3rd PRC, it is understood that the draft notification on cabinet approval has been processed to the higher level Officers for approval. The notification of 3rd PRC is expected in the next week.

AIBSNLEA is committed for 3rd PRC implementation and in case the BSNL Board/DOT Administration do not implement it,  in that  case AIBSNLEA will never hesitate to go on indefinite Strike.  Let us watch the developments closely and will take immediate organisational action, if required at the appropriate time.

20.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Vikash Chand Jain, SDE, Ajmer-TD, HR No. 198406991, regarding settlement of long pending leave cases.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Case of Shri Ashok Kumar Gohrani, JTO, HR No.198402974, Ajmer-TD: Cancellation of his transfer to Pali SSA. - Regarding.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Babli Singh Meena, JTO, Jaipur-TD, HR No. 200803298, regarding own cost & request transfer to Alwar SSA. Ground: prevailing family circumstances.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The Gen.Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Kheema Ram, AO, Jodhpur-TD, HR No. 198503934, regarding cancellation of his transfer to J&K.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The Sr.GM(F) Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Amar Singh Meena, AO-LA, Jhunjhunu-TD, HR No. 198912527, regarding extension of immunity in transfer as Distt. Financial Secy. Jhunjhunu TD Branch.

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20.07.2017: CHQ News: 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL:

The Cabinet has approved 3rd PRC recommendations with 15% fitment benefit to the PSU executives for their pay hike w.e.f. 01.01.2017 on 19.07.2017 in its meeting Chaired by Hon'ble Prime Minister of India. Now on the basis of Cabinet approval on 3rd PRC report (DPE) Department of Public Enterprises (Govt. of India) will issue its notification shortly addressing to all the Administrative Ministries and PSUs.

As per our past experience during 2nd PRC implementation, now after the DPE notification DOT Administrative Ministry will endorse to BSNL and the BSNL Board will take decision for 3rd PRC implementation in BSNL for BSNL Executives and thereafter the Administrative Ministry after examining the BSNL Board Approval will issue the Presidential Directives for the implementation of 3rdPRC report in BSNL for its Executives.

It is understood that this process dependents on the respective PSUs Board to consider 3rd PRC recommendation on the basis of their affordability conditions and any dispension in the affordability clause may perhaps be relaxed by the Administrative Ministry or Cabinet. In the case of BSNL as per 3rd PRC report the Affordability clause needs dispension in view of its operational profit/ positive AIBITA. It is to be find out from DOT whether this work has been done by DOT or through Cabinet approval in its meeting held yesterday.

AIBSNLEA closely watching all the developments and meeting all the concern officers in DPE/DOT for a favorable decision. Few days before AIBSNLEA met Hon'ble MOSC (I/C) and yesterday with Sect (T) just before the Cabinet meeting which was attended by Secy. (T) and pleaded for implementation of 3rd PRC in BSNL in the interest of BSNL viability and its Executives otherwise they will be demotivated which directly will harm the BSNL Let Us, wait for DPE notification and DOT decision in this regard. Thereafter, we will decide our due course of action.

17.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The Sr.GM(F), Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Jayesh Shukla, AO, Udaipur-TD, HR No. 198803456, regarding cancellation of transfer order to Kota SSA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The Gen.Secy., Regarding: Request of Shri Ravi Choudhary, AO, Jaipur-TD, HR No. 200401802, regarding extension of immunity while issuing any out of Circle Transfer order.

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17.07.2017: Nomination of Shri Dharmendra Sharma as Editor:

Shri Dharmendra Sharma, JTO Jaipur TD has been nominated as 'Editor' in AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle Body for faster & smooth disposal of web/day to day office work.

 >>> Click Here for Letter

15.07.2017: Meeting with Shri R.C.Arya CGMT Raj: GS Com. Prahlad Rai; Circle Secy., Com. M.K.Morodia and Adv.(N), Com. Karan Singh met Shri R.C.Arya CGMT Rajasthan on 15.07.2017.

Discussion was focused on many issues related BSNL Rajasthan growth.

15.07.2017: CS Writes to:

  • The CGMT Raj., Regarding: Extension of Immunity in transfer to District Secretary regarding Cancellation of transfer order of Shri Achal Bhayana Distt. Secretary AIBSNLEA Sriganganagar.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The Sr.GM(F), Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Umar Khyyam, CAO, Jodhpur-TD, HR No. 198111055, regarding extension of immunity in Transfer as ADS Jodhpur District.

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  • The Sr.GM(F), Raj., Regarding: Request of Shri Arjun Singh Rathore, AO, Sirohi-TD, regarding cancellation of transfer order to Bhilwara SSA.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

  • The GM(HR/A), CO, Regarding: Request of Shri R.C.Meena, SDE, Alwar-TD, HR No. 199705446, regarding issuance of order for Look After to DE/AGM after completion of one year of debar period after last forgo.

     >>> Click Here for Letter

13.07.2017: Curtsey meeting of newly elected Circle Office Bearers team with CGMT Rajasthan: Newly elected Circle Office Bearers Circle Secretary, Com. M.K.Morodia; President, Com. A.K.Rawat; Adv.(N), Com. Karan Singh; Vice-President, Com. S.D.Arya; Fin. Secretary, Com. S.P.Gupta; Asst.CS (T), Com. Anil Kumar; Asst.CS (F), Com. Devi Lal; Org. Secy.(N), Com. Rohitash Poonia; Org. Secy.(E), Com. Pankaj Sharma; Org. Secy.(W), Com. M.K.Meena; CWC-I, Com. R.C.Vyas; CWC-II, Com. V.D.Gupta; CWC-III, Com. Neeru Bhargava; CWC-IV, Com. S.S.Rawat and Auditor, Com. Sanjay Sharma had curtsey meeting with Shri R.C.Arya CGMT Rajasthan on 13.07.2017 in CO Committee room.

A we extended our full support to CGMT Rajasthan in growth of BSNL in Rajasthan. Shri R.C.Arya appealed that each & every executive of Rajasthan focus him self to determine that how to raise the revenue growth in Rajasthan. He said that only quality service can retain customers with BSNL. he was worried that repeated faults are not in order hence we are loosing our customer base. He pressed upon effective supervision on fault repair system.

He appreciated that all the executives are working hard in Rajasthan.

 >>> Click here for the grievances letter

12.07.2017: BSNL Corporate Office issues regarding: Making available missing APARs of all SDEs working from List No. 5, 6 & 7 at CR Cell, New Delhi on priority basis else there could be chance of missing their names for considering the SDEs / DE (Adhoc) for promotion to AGM / DET (Adhoc / Regular).

 >>> Click here for the letter 

 >>> Click here for the list

All the District Secretaries are requested to please look into the matter and follow up early sending of the desired APARs to avoid any embracing situations afterward.

10.07.2017: 6th Circle Conference of Rajasthan Circle on 08 & 09th July 2017 at Jodhpur: The 6th Circle conference of AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle was held at "Mootha Ji Ka Mandir", Nagori Gate, Jodhpur, Rajasthan on 8th & 9th July 2017 in an excellent and grand manner. In the conference a grand Open Session was also organised, Shri R.C.Arya, CGMT Rajasthan was the Chief Guest. Shri G.P.Verma, Sr. GM(Fin.), Shri Shashi Kant GM(HR/A) and Shri Pankaj Bhandari, GMTD Jodhpur were the Guests of Honor. Shri Shiva Kumar, President CHQ; Shri Prahlad Rai, GS; Shri N.L.Sharma, AGS (HQ); Shri Rajpal, AGS (F); Shri Devesh Sharma, Org. Secy.(North); Shri Karan Singh, Advisor (N); Shri Alkendra Singh, Advisor (Gen) and Shri Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ attended & addressed the Conference from AIBSNLEA CHQ side.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri R.C.Arya, CGMT Rajasthan Circle Inaugurated the function by lightning of lamp. After Saraswati Vandana and cultural program, all the distinguished guests were welcomed by the garlanding and by presenting Rajasthani Turbans, mementos & Shawls.

Com. Dr. Anil K. Tiwari, Distt.Secy., AIBSNLEA Jodhpur: delivered the welcome address and welcomed all the guests in the Jodhpur in the 6th Circle Conference.

Com. M.K.Morodia, Circle Secretary AIBSNLEA Rajasthan, in his key note address welcomed all in the 6th Circle Conference at Jodhpur. He specially thanked to CGMT Rajasthan Shri R.C.Arya  for attending the Circle Conference at Jodhpur. He emphasized that executives are not at all responsible for the losses of the BSNL but the policies are responsible. He appealed the executives that they should make their extreme efforts to delight the customers who approaches to them because the customers have still faith on BSNL. Com. CS informed that Rajasthan Circle has achieved the growth in the dynamic leadership and co-operative attitude of CGMT Rajasthan Circle. He assured that if Management provides full support then the Executives' of Rajasthan Circle are committed for making BSNL, a vibrant Organization. Com. CS also raised the need of resolving the HR issues like staff shortage problem in the SSAs and the problems associated with the  merger of business areas. He also appealed to make the minimum rotational transfers with the minimum disturbances. At last he thanked to all for attending the open session and congratulated all for the grand success of the session.

Shri N.L. Sharma, AGS (HQ) in his address remembered the post membership verification scenario and appealed to not become dishearten due to the same. He explained the efforts of AIBSNLEA for resolving the E2-E7 pay scale up gradation and Rs 22820 pay scale matters for the post 2007 JTOs. He made the hope for getting full 15% benefits for the Executives of BSNL.

Shri H.L.Awasthi, President AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle in his address expressed that with the cooperation of Circle Management and the hard work of the Rajasthan Executives, we are in operation profit in Rajasthan. He expressed the need for the resolution of the problems like temp. advance, store and E5-E6 time pound promotions for adhoc DGMs.

Shri Bhagwan Singh, Auditor CHQ, in his address thanked AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for inviting him in the session. He appealed all the members strengthening of the association by adding more and more members and keeping full faith in AIBSNLEA and paying the subscription and legal fee. He also appealed to post trained manpower in NGN to enhance the revenue.

Shri Alkendra Singh, Advisor (General) in his address expressed the need for developing the effective power management system and the role of electric wing in it. He emphasized to install the solar power systems for the benefit of the BSNL.

Shri Karan Singh, Advisor(North) AIBSNLEA CHQ, in his address thanked the Jodhpur Executives for the elaborate arrangements in the Circle Conference. He highlighted the need for the promotion from DGM (Adhoc) to DGM (Regular). He also raised the need for expediting the LDCE SDE (T) posting.

Shri Devesh Sharma, Org.Secy.(North) CHQ in his address explained the efforts of CHQ in continuously resolving the issues of BSNL Executives. He congratulated the Rajasthan Comrades for their historic victory in the membership verification .He highlighted the staff shortage issue in Rajasthan, even distribution of work, MLLN modem shortage issue. He hoped that BSNL Executive will get the full 15% PRC benefits in the days to come.

Shri Rajpal Sharma AGS (Fin.) CHQ in his address congratulate the Jodhpur Comrades for the successful organization of the Circle Conference. He hoped that BSNL Executive will get the full 15% PRC benefits in the days to come. He happily informed that only due to the efforts of AIBSNLEA only, the competent authority accorded the approval for utilizing the 50% CAO posts of MT quota in DPC.

Shri Pankaj Bhandari GMTD Jodhpur in his address congrats AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the successful organization of the Circle Conference. He informed that on the same day the first NGN Exchange of the western Rajasthan has been inaugurated by the CGMT Rajasthan. He told that the Executives of Rajasthan are very hardworking and the Associations are very important for the organization. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Shri Shashi Kant  GM (HR/A) Rajasthan Circle in his address thanked and congratulated AIBSNLEA for holding the Circle Conference in a nice manner. He stressed to follow the mantra of the service and dedication in facing the challenges. He guided to keep customer satisfaction on the top most priority. He hoped for the good deliberation in the Circle Conference.

Shri G.P.Verma Sr.GM (Finance) Rajasthan Circle informed that the BSNL Board is fully committed for providing the 3rd PRC benefits to the BSNL Executives. He informed that the revenue growth of the Rajasthan Circle up to March 2017 is highest in the country i.e. 9% high in land line and 24% high in mobile as compared to the last year. He informed that the existing salary expenditure is 16000 Crores now and it will raise to 18500 crores after PRC. He suggested enhancing the revenue of the BSNL for the better future survival of the company. He suggested that no any tariff revision should be occurring in BSNL which may reduce the existing revenue. He stressed upon improve the quality of service and revenue growth on top most priority. He informed that the financial position in the 8 Business Areas has improved in Rajasthan Circle after merger of the SSAs. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the success of the open session.

Shri Prahlad Rai GS AIBSNLEA congratulated the comrades of Rajasthan Circle for the organizing successful Circle Conference and thanked the comrades for their great affection.

Com GS also thanked the Executives of Rajasthan Circle for making AIBSNLEA as Number one Association in recent referendum. Com. GS mentioned the history of the formation of AIBSNLEA and its role in the better policy formulation like Executive Promotion Policy, BSNL MSRR etc due to which a large number of BSNL Executives have achieved the DGM level posts. 

Com. GS mentioned the post scenario after conversion of a Government department in a PSU. Com GS further mentioned that the present trend of the declining profit is a serious concern for all of us and there is a great need to think over it. Com GS mentioned that all the dues of BSNL i.e. pending rural deficit charges, BSNL refund etc should be cleared immediately by the Government. He mentioned that the BSNL existing market share is constant due to the hard work of the employees. Com. GS mentioned that the Govt. has withdrawn the ADC charges and not allowed BSNL to participate in the 3G spectrum bid and subsequently BSNL was imposed the 3G spectrum with highest rate.  Subsequently Govt has taken away the reserve fund of 30,000 crores from BSNL and BSNL was not able to procure the equipment required for its expansion. Rs 5000 Crores arbitrary notional loan was imposed on BSNL and BSNL was not allowed to payment it in single shot. Com. GS informed that BSNL is the only operator working for the social obligation and it was the only operator in the time of natural calamities in J&K, Orissa and AP etc.

He also briefed about the HR issues and achievements of the AIBSNLEA. He explained the status of various CPCs, LDCE postings, Court Cases, DE to DGM promotion, Standard  pay scale status, CPSU cadre hierarchy issue, restructuring of AD(OL), E1+5 increment, SDE RR, CPSU cadre Hierarchy, Superannuation benefits of DRs, Diversion of posts of CAOs, AD(OL) case of pay equivalent to SDE/AO, Rule 8 transfers etc, DPC in Civil/Electrical wing, JTO (Officiating) regularization, PPS posts creation in field units, DPCs of Telecom Factory and the issues of PA/PS etc, creation of leave encashment trust etc. Com. GS appraised the house about the unfortunate difference in pay scales of JTOs due to the arbitrary orders of DoT. He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is trying its level best for the introduction of standard pay scales up gradation.  He mentioned that AIBSNLEA is very much concerned about the HR issues and will definitely achieve the desired results, but at the same time he also requested all the executives to provide best services to the customers and increase the revenue. Com. GS also mentioned the facts of the recent agitation and the AIBSNLEA's stand on it. 

Com GS explained the efforts of AIBSNLEA for obtaining the full 15% PRC benefits and he recalled his persuasion from Hon'MoSC for the same. He informed that Government has kept the BSNL in the list of priority sector while MTNL is kept in non-priority sector.

Com GS explained the role of AIBSNLEA in the viability of BSNL. GS mentioned the firm Commitment of AIBSNLEA towards the Viability of BSNL .At last he appealed to all Executives’ for make every effort with a team spirit and customer care for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he congratulated AIBSNLEA Rajasthan Circle for the success of the open session.

Shri Shivkumar, President AIBSNLEA CHQ in his address extended his sincere thanks for the successful conduction of the Circle Conference. He congratulated the Rajasthan Comrades for the historic victory in the recent membership verification. He mentioned the efforts of AIBSNLEA for providing the full 15% PRC benefits to the BSNL Executives. He expressed the need of the effort of every employee in fault free services for the revival of BSNL. He expressed the need for marketing the services of BSNL.

Com President further explained that only BSNL is paying the pension contribution after 6th CPC on maximum of pay scale and it should be looked into for corrective measures. He also expressed the reasons for AIBSNLEA not participating in the strike of 3rd PRC. He mentioned that through the AIBSNLEA concept i.e. customer delight only we can get the position of revenue improvement.

Chief Guest of the Open Session Shri R.C.Arya, CGMT Rajasthan Circle expressed that the existing time is the examination time for BSNL. He expressed that the employees are BSNL are not basically doing the Job but they are implementing the policies of the Government. He appealed the Government to decide the role of BSNL either as a competitor or a policy implementer. He made himself agree with the thoughts of Com GS AIBSNLEA that we should act with a balancing behavior in our work. He also stressed for improving the quality of the services and proper fault monitoring process. He appealed to do efforts from today itself for making BSNL a vibrant organization. At last he thanked to all for inviting him in the open session and congratulated for the grand success of the session.

Com. O.P.Chouhan, President AIBSNLEA, Jodhpur Branch extended the vote of thanks. In the internal session, Com.GS replied all the queries raised by the members.

At the end of the Circle Conference the elections were held for the new Circle body for the next term. Com Anil Rawat Sr.AO, Com. M.K.Morodia AGM and Com. S.P.Gupta AO were unanimously elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary, Circle Financial Secretary respectively for the next term.

The entire Conference Hall was Jam Packed with mammoth gathering.

List of Newly Elected Office Bearers of Rajasthan Circle





Mobile No.



Shri A.K.Rawat

AO, Jaipur TD




Shri S.D.Arya

SDE(C), Jaipur



Circle Secretary

Shri M.K.Morodia

AGM, Jaipur TD



Financial Secretary

Shri S.P.Gupta

AO, Jaipur TD



Asst. Circle Secy.(T)

Shri Anil Kumar




Asst. Circle Secy.(F)

Shri Devi Lal

CAO, Udaipur TD



Asst. Circle Secy.(CEA)

Shri Pursottam Meena

SDE (E), Jaipur



Organising Secy.(N)

Shri Rohitash Poonia

JTO, Jhunjhunu TD



Organising Secy.(E)

Shri Pankaj Sharma

JTO, Tonk TD



Organising Secy.(S)

Shri K.L.Vaghela

JTO, Bhilwara TD



Organising Secy.(W)

Shri M.K.Meena

AGM, Jodhpur TD



CWC Member-I

Shri R.C.Vyas

AGM, Jodhpur TD



CWC Member-II

Shri V.D.Gupta

AO CO Jaipur



CWC Member-III

Smt.Neeru Bhargava

DE, CMTS Jaipur



CWC Member-IV

Shri S.S.Rawat

DE, CMTS Jaipur




Shri Sanjay Sharma

AGM, CO Jaipur




Shri Rajesh Pathak

SDE (Elect.) Alwar




Shri M.D.Ram

CAO, Bhilwara TD




Shri K.L.Sony

AGM, NTP Jodhpur




Shri M.P.Sharma

DE, Kota TD




Shri M.R.Dangi

AGM, Jodhpur TD




Shri D.P.Saini

SDE Jaipur TD




Shri Jeet Raj Rao

AO Sirohi TD




Shri H.L.Awasthi

Retd. DGM(F)


Membership Drive: All the Circle & District Secretaries are requested to ensure enrolment of maximum members by filling up of Membership form and subscription deduction format from salary before last date i.e. 15.07.2017  

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05.07.2017: Nomination of District President & District Secretary at CHURU Branch:

Shri Bansidhar, CAO Churu & Shri Raghuveer Gurawa, JTO-NTR Churu has been nominated as District President & District Secretary of AIBSNLEA Churu District Branch on formation new District Branch at Churu.

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